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The story of Puzzle Punks started 6 years ago, in Croatia, when we, Bogdan and Diana, tried for the first time an escape room. It was love at first sight for such experiences. The adrenaline, the suspense, the captivating scenery and the clever challenges made us forget everything and focus only on the mission of the game.

5 months after this experience we opened our own escape room in Dubrovnik, the first in town, with games designed and built by us. Since then, thousands of players passionate about escape rooms from all over the world have played our games.

Puzzle Punks
In Brasov

In 2019, we decided to open an escape room in Brașov, thus offering the people of Brașov the opportunity to experience original, quality escape rooms, with movie-like set, captivating and suspenseful challenges.

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Puzzle Punks is an independent full-service escape room company which designs, builds and runs real life immersive adventures. We are driven by passion and put lots of creativity and hard work in creating memorable experiences. Our games are witty and stand out through extra attention to details, storytelling and game flow & logic. We build fun puzzle mechanisms that are both highly interactive and intricate. We create games with players at heart!


Over the last 6 years we have created and built interactive games and activities for companies in N. Ireland, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Croatia and Romania

For questions or proposals for collaboration you can contact us at:


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